How to choose a high-quality marble stone?

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Many people choose to use marble to decorate their home, as marble gives people better sense of space texture. The beautiful texture and luxury surface of marble can present elegance and luxury into the space atmosphere. How to choose a high-quality marble stone?

Marble features:

After the extrusion of the earth's crust and the high-temperature metamorphism of geothermal, marble forms massive structures, and there are many structures with strips, stripes, patches or spots.Marble is colorful and can produce various different patterns, non- repeated texture gives marble the precious charm.
After processing, marble presents a luxurious bright texture, with its own gorgeous style, which will not be out of date. Therefore, it has always been an important decorative material to enhance the high sense of space.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble:

Advantages: high hardness, durability and beautiful texture.

Disadvantages: Marble itself has pores. It is a material with porous structure. It is easy to get color in and water vapor is also easy to enter. Although it is hard, it is brittle and will corrode when there is acid.

How to detect the quality of stone:

The brighter the surface, the harder the texture

When we choose marble, we need to carefully observe the surface gloss. After polishing, the marble surface can produce reflection like a mirror. The brighter the mirror effect, the harder the stone, the higher the structural density, and the better the quality.

Knock on marble, the more crisp the sound is, the better quality

You can knock the stone with coins or other items. If the sound is crisp, it means that the hardness is high, the internal density is also high, and the quality of the stone is good.

If the sound is dull, it means that the hardness is low or there are cracks inside, and the quality is poor.

Confirm whether there are cracks or damages on the surface

Marble is a natural product, and the surface will inevitably have defects. Some holes are acceptable and can be repaired after polishing and filling.

However, we should pay special attention to whether there are cracks or damages on the surface.

Although the hardness of marble is high, it is brittle. If there are cracks, it is not easy to process again, which also increases the difficulty of construction. In the process, there may be greater cracks or even the whole piece of fracture.

Confirm the water absorption by dropping ink on the surface or side of marble.In this way we can detect the density structure of stone. The higher the density, the less water absorption, and the denser the marble.

Select according to the use area

In addition to testing the advantages and disadvantages of stones through the above methods, there are also some tips to pay attention to in the selection according to the different use areas!

When marble is used on the floor. Dark color is better than light color

Marble itself has fine pores. When there are many pores, it is easy to get dirty. If you want to use marble to lay the floor, it is suggested that dark marble is better than light marble and is relatively dirt resistant.

You can also choose the marble water jet pattern, and it can create various textures such as flowers and geometric shapes. Beautiful and various patterns are often used on the entrance hall.



It is recommended to use light marble on the wall

White or light beige marble has large pores and with high water absorption and not that high hardness as dark marble. If it is to be used as flooring, we need to take more care on maintenance.

Therefore, in order to make more convenient maintenance, it is recommended to use light marble on decorative walls such as TV wall and sofa background wall.

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