How to Tell Marble from Granite?

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As we know, marble and granite are both widely used in decoration either for interior or exterior. They are both nature and beautiful. However, they are different, so how to tell their difference:

The first difference between granite and marble is the stone characteristic.

The direct way to distinguish marble and granite is to look at their veins and patterns. Both granite and marble have patterns on them, but granite is an igneous rock, while marble is metamorphic, so their patterns are obviously different. Marble patterns are varied with smooth and nice strips and lines rich in color. However, the granite pattern is mottled and relatively simple without obvious pattern formation. Granite is of medium hardness, while marble is a soft stone with less hardness than granite. However, this also leads to the limitation of granite plasticity, while marble is easy to process and more widely used in decoration design.

The second difference between granite and marble is the different range of application.

The most obvious difference between granite and marble is that one is mostly used for outdoors and the other is for indoors. Most of the patterned natural stone seen indoors is marble, while granite is mostly used for the outdoor pavement. The reason is that granite is hard-wearing, acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for a long time even in wind and sunshine. In addition, granite can be divided into three categories A, B and C according to its radioactive level. Class A, which can be used in any occasion, including office buildings and family rooms; Class B products are more radioactive than Class A and cannot be used for interior finishes of living rooms, but can be used for interior and exterior finishes of all other buildings. Class C products have higher radioactivity than Class A and Class B, and can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings. As a contrast, marble patterns are beautiful and suitable for interior decoration. Marble material is exquisite, bright and clean as a mirror, and has strong ornamental value, so it is widely used in the art field. 

We hope above information is helpful for you to tell the marble and granite and know how to choose a right stone for decoration .Home100 provides many marble and granite stone, also engineered quartz for choice. Welcome to contact us if you need any stone to decorate.

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