To Choose Porcelain Tile or Wood Floor for Your Home Decoration

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Many people would hesitate if they choose wood floor or porcelain tile for home decoration. Wood floor is natural and comfortable, and with good touch. Porcelain tile is beautiful and atmospheric, and it is not easy to get deformed. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage of floor tiles is that they are simple to pave and easy to clean for users. It can keep the family environment clean. The disadvantage is that it's too hard to step on, and it's too cold in winter. The splicing between pieces and pieces is too obvious.

Compared with porcelain tile, wood floors have the following advantages:

Beautiful and natural. Wood is natural, and its rings and textures can often form a beautiful picture. Although there are many designs and patterns of porcelain tiles, their authenticity is still inferior to wood flooring. Wood flooring can give people a sense of returning to nature, simplicity and authenticity. Whatever the texture, it has its own style and is deeply loved by naturalists.

Healthy and calm. Good natural wood gives off an aroma which is good for health and calm. Therefore, the use of high-quality wood floor in the bedroom is also helpful for sleep. As a result, the raw materials of wood flooring will be more expensive, and the price will be more expensive than that of ceramic tiles.

Better thermal insulation. The temperature could be adjusted. Porcelain tiles usually can achieve the required heat fast, but also dissipate heat faster. Relatively speaking, at the same temperature, when the heating system is closed, the room with wood floor can maintain a higher temperature for a longer time, so it is very suitable for people who are afraid of cold.

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  • Yes, between wood floor and porcelain tiles, I choose wood floor too.

    Nick Vern on

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