6.5'' Engineered Hickory Hardwood Flooring, Gris Pulpis

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Engineered wood flooring generally means multi-ply, 3-ply and 2-ply structured flooring. They could achieve structure stability and endurance.

Engineered wood flooring for our home is recyclable, natural, biodegradable and durable. It is a statement of value and beauty that is also a functional asset which is easy to maintain. 

Q: What's the advantage of engineered wood flooring in comparison with solid wood flooring

A: Engineered wood flooring has many advantages, see below:

a) Easy and fast to install, installation cost is low;

b) More stable with layered structure;

c) Cheaper than solid wood flooring but could increase same value and taste for your home;

d) Better suited for humid regions;

e) have a Lifespan anywhere from 25 - 100 years with good care;

f) more choices for sizes and thicknesses of top wear layer.

Q: What's the installation advantage?

A:  Most engineered wood floors are recommended to be glued down or be floated.

Glued down: it's installed on underlayment materials like cork,EPE foam,etc. They can also be installed over most flat concrete slabs, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, providing these floors are secured well to the underfloor and that any surface wax,dust,or glaze is completely cleansed and the surface is roughened up so as to keep enough adhesion for the glue. 

Floated: This is a very fast, easy and clean installation method. Floating floors are not mechanically fastened to the sub-floor: instead, each plank is glued together with wood glue applied in the tongue and groove. A foam-pad(3mm-10mm) is placed between the wood flooring and the seafloor to protect against moisture, reduce noise transmission, and "soften" the floor. This is the easiest and most versatile installation method.

6.5" Engineered Hardwood/ Hickory

Product Name: Gris Pulpis Hickroy

Product ID: EGHG01651204

Flooring Type: Prefinished

Width: 6.5 inch

Thickness: 3/8 inch

Length: 15.75 inch - 47.25 inch RL

Finish Type: UV Lacquer

Surface Texture: Hand Scraped

Profile: Tongue & Groove

Grade: Nature


warranty: 25 years

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