New Design Gold Brass Stainless Steel Chandelier

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Brass chandeliers have gone a long way from becoming used in palaces a few centuries ago to coming obsolete in the last century. Homeowners use chandeliers to add a spark of elegance and good-taste to a room.


Thanks to their grandeur, these old-style, almost vintage pieces of decor, are unrivaled when conveying that unique aura of antiquity. If you also want to recreate that powerful centuries old feel to your room, you should consider investing in our new design gold brass stainless steel chandelier.


Our unique chandelier offers a unique blend between the vintage and the modern. The gold brass gives it an antique look. At the same time, the stainless-steel tubes and unitary design offer an aura of modernism. Thanks to the dramatic aspect, this unit looks more like a conglomerate of windpipes. It can easily complement any type of room due to its industrial and at the same time modern design.


This brass chandelier is comes with a unique patination to match the style of your interior. The brass lighting fixtures are made of a unique alloy based on copper and stainless steel. The high-quality build make this unit extremely resistant in time.


Made by a professional designer, this unique chandelier is for use in hotel rooms, expensive restaurants, offices, public institutions, or even living rooms. The key here is to choose the decor pieces wisely and to ensure you have other brass gold items in the room.


Product Features


- Size: 23.6''Wx37.5''H


- Manufactured out of brass and stainless-steel


- Includes 12/G9 LED bulbs


- Industrial design that matches any modern establishment


- Works for any type of interior design


Order this gorgeous gold brass chandelier and boost the appeal of your home room, office, restaurant or, public building.