How to Tell the Good Quality Quartz for Your Home Counter Top

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Many kinds of kitchen counter tops are available for choice in home decoration. Quartz stone, as a new type of material for counter top, has become very popular by consumers because of its non-toxicity, non-radioactive, non-sticky oil, non-seepage, impact resistance and easy maintenance etc. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for cabinet counter tops.

How to choose a good quartz?

1. Judging from the hardness: scratch the surface  with a sharp knife tip, there will be no obvious scratches on the surface, or even no scratches at all. This is because the density of quartz is higher than that of the steel knife, so the quartz stone will not get damaged, while the steel knife is worn by the quartz plate.

2.Judging from the anti-fouling feature: pour soy sauce, oil, vinegar and other condiments commonly used in kitchen on the surface for several days, and then wipe with a rag to compare the changes of the plate. With  its high density, it is not easy to penetrate color and oil, and it still keeps its original color.

3. Judging from the price: Because of the complicated manufacturing process, the price of good quartz will not be too low.

4. Judging from the touches: The same two samples knock each other, not easy to break.

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  • I would choose one Calacatta quartz for our kitchen island top.

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