How to Touch Up an Iron Door

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Iron door brings a beautiful and distinct style to our home or office decoration, so now it is a very popular selection. As followings we would like to share some solutions on how to touch up an iron door when it is needed.

The 1st. Step: Use 1000CW fine paper to polish.Just polish the part where paint is removed.

The 2nd. Step: Touch the primer paint (The black paint)

Two bottles of extra paint are attached for every door, the black paint is the bottle which has more quantity and heavier.

After finding the black paint bottle, then pour out the paint in a cardboard, use the soft brush (wool brush is the best) to stir it well. Then touch the place where needed repairing.

Note: No need to pour out too much paint. Just a little bit.

The 3rd. Step: Touch the surface color

After finish the primer touching up, wait for about 20 minutes to ensure the black paint is dry enough, then use another cardboard and clean soft brush to touch up the surface color.

The surface color bottle is another bottle which has less quantity.

Note: No need to pour out too much paint. Just a little bit.

After finishing 3 steps above, if you find the paint you touch is bad, then

you can polish the surface with the fine sand paper to remove the color,

then repeat the 2nd step and the 3rd step.

Any question or any we could do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you.

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