How to Choose a Good Wrought Iron Door

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Iron door, as we know, is widely chosen for our home or office decoration. It takes an importance and  reflects the character of a home or office and introduces everything that stands behind it. Therefore, to choose an excellent iron door is a key point. 

1, Check the materials used

The materials used for high-quality wrought iron doors, thickness, strength and oxide film shall comply with the relevant national standards. The thick wall shall be above 1.2mm, the tensile strength shall be 157N/mm2, and the flexible strength shall be 108N/mm2. If one iron door cannot meet these basic standards, they are inferior products and cannot be used.

2, Check the processing

High-quality wrought iron door, fine processing, exquisite installation, good sealing performance, and easy to switch. Inferior wrought iron gates,select materials and specifications randomly to process roughly, sawing instead of milling and not installed as required, so the door would be with poor sealing performance, uncomfortable switch. When there is strong wind and external force, it is easily to scrape or damage the sliding part, there would be a destroy and injury.

3, Check the price

Under normal circumstances, high-quality wrought iron doors are much more expensive due to higher production costs than inferior wrought iron doors.

The wrought iron doors designs are various and can be designed as per your preference. It is a good choice to install a unique wrought iron door at a distinguishing style you are expecting, home100 has many single and double doors for your selection, and we accept custom order, contact us now if you are looking for a door.


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  • Now I have a knowledge about how to choose a good iron door, thanks for helpful information.

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