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Regarding the blistered paint of the iron door, we would like to share some solutions, hope they are helpful if your door has this problem.

 The 1st. Step

Use knife or something to wipe off those blister paints.

Don't planed too deeply, just make the surface smooth.

The 2nd. Step

After wiping off that blistered paints, use 240CW & 320CW sand paper (abrasive paper) to rub.

Make it smooth and same level as other parts

Then use the 1000CW wet fine sand paper to rub the surface.Then blow the surface until it is exactly clean.

(360CW is thicker,leave trace easily, so that is why at last we must use 1000CW fine paper to polish.)

The 3rd. Step-Rust preventing primer

Once the surface is clean and smooth. Spray one layer of iron red epoxy primer.

Don't spay too thick, just come and forth each time.

Then wait for at least 4 hours if the weather is good

Rust preventing primer is mixed by Iron red epoxy primer, epoxy hardener, banana oil. The proportion is 5:1:5.

The 4th. Step-Poly-putty filling

1,Mix the poly-putty with poly-potty hardener on proportion about 40:1, stir well.

Usually one piece poly-potty hardener(70KG), one bucket poly-putty(3.25KG)

2,Then filling the new poly-putty on that place one time by one time until the holes is full. each time don't filling too thick, Every 5-8 mins interval

Wait for 8 hours until it completely dry, then use 240 & 320Cw sand paper(abrasive paper) to make poly-putty smooth, and same level as other parts.

Then blow it until clean

The 5th. Step-Face paint-Black paint

Once the surface is clean and smooth,then useing the "Auto spray paint"

Have to shake the bottle first before using it,

spray on that part three times. Every 15 minutes interval, almost wait it dry.

For example,if the first time you spray the paint is 10:10am,

the second time you spray should be around 10:25am.

When you spray paint, paint bottle must 15cm apart from the part you want to paint.

The 6th. Step-Touch up the surface color

After finish the primer touching up, wait for about 4 hours to ensure the primer paint is dry enough,

then use Cardboard and cotton mask, new soft brush to touch up the surface color.

Using brush dip the paint a tiny bit every time,and paint lightly like Video we sent did, until the primer paint are all covered.

The 7th. Step-Clear coated

After color made, then clear coated.

The 8th. Step-Rubbing with sandpaper

After clear coated, wait for at least 12 hours or one night, then rubbing with 1000CW sand paper.

The 9th. Step-Clear coated once again

This time, please spay the clear light, don't spray too thick. Wait for one whole day, then packed or installed.

If you are looking for an iron door, please kindly contact us, we have many designs for choice, also we accept  custom order, if you have any problem on your ready door now, it is also ok to send to us, we are glad to help you solve.









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