Why not choosing nature granite stone for counter top?

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At present, as we know, the main materials fireproof boards, stainless steel, marble, artificial stone, etc. are available for us to choose for counter top.Granite is the best choice among these.

1.Strong hardness. Sharp items like kitchen knives will not scratch the hard surface at all. It is said that only other granite or diamond can make it damaged . This is its practicality.  You don't need to worry about any scratching on it all the time.


2. High temperature resistance. The granite surface dissipates well without blistering or cracking. It even resists the high temperatures of the frying pan without leaving any marks. But even so, the mat is still suggested.

3. Beautiful appearance. For the kitchen cabinets and counter top materials, the granite is practical and beautiful. The subtle color change of granite is that artificial stone cannot be counterfeited, and the color changes with the change of light. Its colors, spots, or other patterns run through the entire block of granite, while the artificial stone has only one layer of surface, so each stone has different characteristics.Granite shows the unique design of nature.

4. Prevent the growth of bacteria.The granite texture makes its internal voids very small and could be said none, so it is not easy to breed bacteria and other kitchen dirt. Mold and mildew will not exist.

5.Easy to clean

The maintenance of granite kitchen counter tops are rather simple, just use  a soft cloth or paper towel to clean is OK.

When you choose a right beautiful granite counter top, you would find you like cooking and enjoy the special time. We have many beautiful and exotic granite colors ready for you to choose, so if you are sourcing a right counter top prefabrication for your home decoration, please contact us support@home100us.com.


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