How to build an iron gate

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Iron gate is beautiful and durable, which is a new favorite for home decoration now. Many people don't understand why the iron gate is more expensive than other materials. In fact, this is closely related to the making process of an iron gate.

The main material of iron gate is iron, and then a series of processes are done according to the customer's demand. It is generally related with embossing, cast iron flower, pipe, door hinge, bolt, square tube ,casting, flat iron, and final the paint and gold powder. Its appearance should be designed as per the pattern design of the iron gate.In regards to consumption, the main materials used for iron gate are iron flower, section square steel, section round steel, section square tube, ordinary square tube and ordinary round tube, etc.

After non-rusting process, the iron door then would be next done by electronic spraying and high temperature baking, so the coating is strong and durable,the special effect of the surface is made of imported iron paint, good adhesion, durable and will no fade.

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