How to choose an iron gate suitable?

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With the trend of art, people pay more and more attention to family culture, iron gate has become a symbolic part of culture, and the art design level of iron gate is also rising day by day. As for what kind of iron gate is more suitable, it depends on the size of your door frame to choose the square tube. Generally, 50 x50 x2.5 forged square tube is used, 25 x 25 x 2  (or 16x16, as per the design) forged square tube is used in the middle, 16 * 16 forged square steel is used for bending pattern, and 10-12 large round steel is used for some pattern pieces.

When we select the beloved iron gate, there are four key points that need to be confirmed:

  1. Confirm if these iron doors have been treated with anti-corrosion treatment. If they are not treated with anti-corrosion treatment or improperly treated, all the welding metal parts are easy to rust in the humid environment.
  2.  Check  carefully  whether the welding parts and metal bends are firm, smooth and free of obvious bulge folds.

  3. It is necessary to check whether the connection point between the metal parts and the steel tube is firm, and whether the expansion is smooth and without burr during the installation.

  4. Use our hand to touch and check whether the iron surface is smooth and whether there are bumps, dents or bulges. Only in this way we could prevent the potential safety hazards in the process of long-term use.

A suitable iron door could  reflect our house appearance atmosphere, so we need to choose the iron art gate according to our home style, the quality is the most important, home100 provides iron door for years and the quality is guaranteed.We have many designs for choice, and we accept custom order door to door, so if you have any request, please contact us, we would be your best choice.

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