How to Choose a Right Fireplace for Our Home Decoration?

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A fireplace is an ideal element for our home decor. On a cold winter night it feels very great to gather in front of a fire with family and friends.They also provide heat and light and they make a room look more beautiful. That is why it is important to have the right fireplace design for our home. Then how to choose a right fireplace for our home?

The usage:

First we'll have to decide what type of fireplace is right for us and our family. Will the fireplace just be a source of primary heat, or a gathering space for friends and family or the usage for decorative purposes?

Choose the Location to decide using wood burning, electric or gas fireplace

What kind of fuel do we prefer? These questions would help us decide whether we'd like to choose an electric, gas or wood burning fireplace and where to locate.

The most common location we put a fireplace is a family room or a great room, because we use it most there. And some choose to put in bathroom or kitchen.

Our desired location will help us determine fuel type. If we are considering a wood-burning fireplace, we must choose an external wall, as it needs a chimney. Now a strong trend toward gas and electric fireplaces because they are much more affordable to build,they allow contractors to build fireplaces into any wall at all—or even no wall. A gas or electric fireplace can even stand in the center of a room.

Electric fireplaces may be the least realistic-looking, and they don't give off much heat,but they don't require any venting, so we can place them anywhere — including in the center of the room. Their modern profile may even be an advantage if we have a contemporary-style home.

Reflect on our home's style

If we've already decided on a theme for our room, look for a fireplace with the right style to match our room's decoration, the style of our home should decide the style of our fireplace. Fireplace design options range from uber-traditional to ultra-modern.

Traditional fireplaces typically feature stone surrounds, which gives a room a cozy but rustic appeal. Brick surrounds are another option. They can also be rustic, but the profile can be classic chic as well.

Modern fireplaces offer clean lines and minimalist construction. Often the geometry of the firebox itself is a focal point. The surround may still be stone, but we could choose any non-combustible material.

In between those two poles are numerous fireplace styles based on the material, color and installation of the surround. It is best we look at some fireplace pictures and consider them with our room's decoration.

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