How to Get an Ideal Chandelier for Your Home Decoration

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A chandelier is not just a way to illuminate a room. They also add style and become an essential part in our home decor. As a household decoration, chandeliers not only can set off the space environment and create a comfortable place, but also the best choice to adjust the atmosphere. However, there are many kinds of chandeliers, and different environments require different ceilings. Please refer to below some tips:

Get the Correct Diameter

The best way to achieve this is to select a fixture that's diameter is somewhere between half and three quarters the diameter (or width) of the tabletop. For example, if the dining room table was 48" wide x 60" long, the chandelier that is 24" to 36" in diameter would be an appropriate size to compliment the table.It’s always better to choose a chandelier that is slightly bigger than smaller.

Decide Where to Hang your Chandelier

The style of home lighting you choose depends on the location. Most people consider chandeliers in dining rooms, in fact, there are many other places that you can hang a chandelier. Hang one over your bed in a master bedroom and turn it down to dim tone for a romantic feel. Install a mini chandelier over a your bathroom for a touch of glamour. Consider installing a mini chandelier over a kitchen island instead of pendant lights etc. for a chic look.

Pick a Style That Matches the Room

We must pay attention to the uniformity of the color and shape of chandelier and the overall style. The main chandelier needs to be integrated with the overall style of home decoration. The style needs to be constantly changed according to the design style. We can't even confine our eyes to the living room only. We also need to ensure the unity of the style of the whole house. Only in this way can we create a complete and beautiful indoor home environment.

The cleanness

In any case, we must consider cleaning in advance. The chandelier is actually a kind of lamp style which is easy to get dirty and no easy to clean, so the time you could spend on cleanness decides your choice of the chandelier too. We would share how to clean in another blog.

Hope these small tips could help you get an ideal chandelier for your home. Home100 has many chandeliers stock for your choice, so please kindly come to our website to choose and contact us 601-255-2556 or for any inquiry or question.

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