How to Clean a Chandelier Correctly

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Chandeliers are very popular for years with their gorgeous shape, so they become essential decoration for our home. Now let us share together the practical tips to clear.

1.If it's a newly bought crystal lamp, it won't be very dirty after a period of time, so we just need to wipe it with some water directly with cloth. When the crystal chandelier is used for a long time, it is only covered with a layer of dust on the crystal surface, and there is no dirt that is difficult to remove. In this case, there is no need for professionals to dismantle the chandelier, just move a ladder and gently wipe it with clean and soft cotton cloth is ok.

2. Protection actions

When cleaning and disassembling, we must take protective actions, the ground is covered with thick carpets or professional crystal anti-falling net, because crystal is fragile, once fallen, it can not be remedied. Gloves should be worn when removing crystal lamps.

3. Cleaning of crystal beads

When wiping beads, there must be soft cloth stained with glass cleaner, gently wipe the front and back of the crystal beads at the same time (when wiping, beads can not be pinched and pulled down, so as not to break the beads string).

4. Keep balance

If all bead strings are to be completely removed to clean, when removing, we should pay attention to the balance of the lamp body and cannot disassemble one side and then the other side to cause a tilt and result in the deformation of the lamp body or the frame.

5. Wipe bracket accessories

When wiping brackets and accessories, soft cloth should not be stained with water, especially alcohol water, so as to avoid rubbing the protective film outside the electroplating layer and affecting the surface brightness of lamp holder.

6. Replace accessories in time

If we find that the connection buttons of beads are rusty and discolored, it wonot be beautiful looking, also it is easy to crack, so it is better to replace them new when clean; if the beads are found to be defective, they should be repaired in time.

7. Pay attention to safety

When wiping the support, cut off the power supply; the bulb should also be removed and wiped clean and then mount; the bulb should be properly rotated in, too loose will cause bad contact; too tight may damage the bulb.

8.  After the crystal parts are cleaned and dry, they will be installed according to the drawings. Because the inside are all wires, it is necessary to wait until it is completely dry before assembling.

9. Turn on the power supply and test whether the lamps are normal to prevent short circuit.

If you also plan to install chandelier at home, we need to make a careful selection, we should also pay attention to maintenance in our daily use. Correct maintenance can keep the chandelier beautiful and bright and has a longer service life.


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