How to Choose an Iron Door

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Are you looking for an iron door for your home ? If yes, great, you have made a good choice. From style to durability and strength, customized iron doors would add the classy appearance to your home. High-quality iron doors have varied styles, elegant and smooth lines, proper color matching, natural texture is also full of artistry, and maintain a consistent visual sense of three-dimensional.

Now you have to select an iron entry door that you like. Below a few key points could help you make a good choice decision.

Think about the style of your home

The first action of your choosing the right door is to think about the overall style of your home. Choose among a variety of doors, handles and window glass. Whether you’re sourcing single or double doors, there are various styles and patterns available. We should be able to find a style that works best for your home and personal tastes.

Source good quality grade

After you decide the door style to buy, next step you will have to consider the quality. Wrought iron doors are made from pieces of metal that differ from 24 gauge to 12 gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. Most manufacturers use 14 gauge iron, but 12 gauge is more durable. Also the hinge, the handle, the glass are all we need to consider. For custom iron doors, you can design a door that fits your home style and your personal preference . Find the right door style, add handles you prefer, and then choose your preferred type of glass treatment.


The size of the door must be connected to the surrounding wall. The General specifications of the iron door may be in line with the actual space, because there are relevant standards. But if it is a villa or a rural courtyard gate, its size needs attention. When buying a door, we need to pay attention to whether the customized door size is suitable. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the height.

Door work

This includes the thickness of the iron door, anti-rust surface treatment, and the connecting effect of the diameter of its iron rod (iron pillar) with its various parts. These factors determine the quality and service life of the door.

Home100 supplies single and double door, all are made of 12 gauge steel and we guarantee all iron construction good to make sure the entry door is strong and durable to stand the test time.

The processing of home100 iron door:

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