How to choose a suitable material for your kitchen counter top

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The kitchen is a place where we often cook,so a more durable and dirt-resistant kitchen blank is necessary. As a frequently used place, it is also a place for those who like cooking to spend much time there. My friends, let's see how to choose a suitable material for your kitchen counter top.

Choose granite/marble as kitchen counter

Natural marble is good, but granite is better, it has higher hardness, more wear-resistant and not easy to get weathered. Radiation is a factor to be relatively ignored easily. In fact, some stone materials do have radiation.Nature stone counter tops do have a good aesthetic effect, and they are fire-resistant and dust-proof. However, there are seams on the counter tops made of natural stone. These joints are also prone to dirt and durability.

Choose artificial stone as kitchen counter

Artificial stone table like quartz is now most of people choose. It has many advantages, mainly including the following two points:

1、 Wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, these three points meet the basic requirements of the kitchen table. Moreover, the surface of the artificial stone has no pores, the dirt such as oil and water stains will not penetrate into it, so even after long-term use, there will be no dirt.

If the cabinet needs a long table top, the artificial stone can be seamlessly bonded. Of course, if there are scratches on the surface of artificial stone,just use gauze to polish the surface, it will not leave marks on the surface.

Choose stainless steel as kitchen counter

The greatest advantage of stainless steel table is easy to clean. However, its disadvantage is that it cannot be used in the corner of the cabinet. If it is scratched on the surface, it will not be repaired, so the marks will remain on the table and affect the appearance.

Choose glass as kitchen counter

The explosion-proof glass could be used as the counter top material, but the safety is inferior to the stone.

We suggest you choosing a more durable and easy to clean counter top. You can make choices according to your needs and preference. Whatever to choose, we should keep the counter top clean to be healthy.

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