A Smart Way to Clean Glass

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When we clean the glass, we usually use windshield washer fluid, it is the most convenient method, today home100 would like to share some other good methods to clean the glass well.

White liquor

If there are some long-lasting dirts on the glass, or there are more oil dirt on the glass, you can use liquor to wipe, pour a small amount of liquor on the cloth, and then make the cloth wipe the stain on the glass, and soon the glass will be restored clean.

Beer or vinegar

When there is dirt on the glass, you can also use beer or vinegar to wipe, pour a small amount of beer or vinegar on the towel, and then wipe to remove dirt. Then the glass can quickly restore its luster.


If the greasy area on the glass is large, you can scrub it with gasoline first, then wash it with detergent once, and finally rinse it with clean water.

Sliced Onion

You can prepare some onion slices first, then wipe them on the glass. This method is simple, but the effect of decontamination is good. After wiping, you will find that the glass becomes very bright.

Soapy water

We can cut down a few pieces of soap then prepare a basin of hot water, put soap into it, the hot water will melt them, and then after the water temperature is almost enough, soapy water can wipe the glass, after wiping, you can use the old newspaper wipe again, so that the glass can be washed very clean.



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