The Wonderful Usage of Toothpaste with Vinegar

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Toothpaste with white vinegar

To clear the black stains on the irons

The bottom of the iron would be blackened after long use,it would be ugly looking and possible to get the clothes dirty.

You can squeeze a bit of toothpaste in the bowl first.

Pour 2 spoons of soda,add white vinegar to mix and make it thicker.

And then heat the iron properly,

Don't be too hot and it would be easy to clean.

Use scouring cloth to dip some mixture, scrub the bottom of the iron, clean the black stains and dry it with a dry cloth.

To clean hearth oil stains

Prepare a sprinkling can,,

Squeeze the right amount of toothpaste into it,

Then pour into the white vinegar and add water.

The proportion of white vinegar and clear water is 1:1

Tighten the lid of the bottle and shake it well.

Then it can be used to clean up the oil stains on the kitchen stove.

After the spray, scrub with a steel ball.

It will be shiny and fresh as new.

To clean ceramic tile oil stain

Mix the toothpaste and white vinegar in the proportion of 2:1.

Add a small amount of water after mixing,

And then put it in the place where there is oil stain and

wash with a cloth.

If the stain is serious,

You can add a little more toothpaste,

It is helpful to clean thoroughly.


To clean faucet incrustation scale

The main component of scale is calcium carbonate, and the detergent component in toothpaste can clean up stains.

Acetic acid in vinegar can remove hardened calcium carbonate.

Mix the toothpaste with the white vinegar in the proportion of 1:2.

Wipe off the surface of the water faucet after mixing is ok.

Toothpaste + floral water

To scavenge toilet odor 

 The alcohol in the water of toothpaste and flower dew has the effect of sterilization.

Mix these two substances in the proportion 1:1,

Mix well into the sprayer.

Spray in the toilet, it can get bacteriologists effect,

which can save a lot of cleaning agent cost.

Let us share together the wonderful home usage of toothpaste with vinegar.




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