The Advantages of Choosing an Outdoor Marble Fireplace

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Nowadays, fireplace is not only essential home decoration, it is also an excellent option for outdoor patio or yard.

1. It can be used as attractive decoration and enhance master's quality of life and aesthetics.

2. Keep warm. An outdoor fireplace provides an excellent source of heat and makes it possible to enjoy gatherings all year through even in winter.

3. It could make romantic setting and also add house value.

Therefore, it is very great to get a fireplace outdoors, marble fireplace is highly recommended:

1. Marble is a kind of natural stone material with clear texture inside, and each vein has its own characteristics, so there are various color and texture options as per our design elements.

2. It is heat resistant and durable, marble is a dense stone can stand up to extremely high temperatures. Marble is known for its durability and strength which is why it has been used for outdoor sculpture, like fountain, statues etc. Luckily for us, our marble fireplace will last for the years to come.

3. Marble fireplaces are easy to clean and maintain

Another prefect benefit for marble fireplaces is that they are easy to clean. If any drinks or food got spilled on it, it is easily cleaned with a damp washcloth. When there is dust, we could just use a dry cloth or thin sand paper to wipe  then it would be very clean and we could also maintain it when we use for a time,then it would be newer.

4. Long service life. Marble is a kind of stone material formed in crustal movement. It has the advantages of high density and good wear resistance. Marble fireplace made of marble has long service life.

Home100 provides 100% nature outdoor marble fireplaces, we are the only one in the market now, and we have fireproof bricks installed, we also have many stocks for your choice and could be customized as per your color and design preferred too. It is easy to install, as we have installed one whole piece by one whole piece, when you get the fireplace, you just put they together then would be finished.

Call us now 601-255-2556 or send your requests to,  to get a beautiful marble fireplace for your yard.













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  • Useful information, appreciated!

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  • This marble fireplace is nice, I would contact you for details soon, thanks.

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