Why We Choose White Oak Flooring for Our Home Decoration

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EUROPEAN WHITE OAK (Quercus robur) is native to most of Europe including areas like France, Germany, Finland, Ukraine and Romania. Quercus is the Latin family name for all oaks robur means robust and refers to the strength of this species of wood.

A temperate hardwood, it has deep roots and prefers heavy, wet soils and full sun at lower to moderate altitudes. It grows to 65 - 130' in height with trunks that are typically 15 - 30" in diameter.   European White Oak is a particularly heavy and strong wood. The fact that it is so hard makes beautiful and durable wood floor. It also doesn't expand or contract much in response to weather conditions. Since it has relatively thin sap wood (.4 - 1.5"), it yields especially long and wide boards. 

There are straight veins and cross veins about white oak. The clearer the texture distribution, the higher the price value. Therefore, the floor made of white oak has a very distinct mountain-shaped wood pattern,and could be arbitrarily matched with a variety of home decoration styles, and as its surface touches good, so our feet would feel particularly comfortable when step on them.

The Advantages of White Oak :

  1. Wear-resisting and heavy-resisting: Because the white oak has a solid texture, so the white oak flooring can be used for many years without deterioration. It is very wear-resisting and heavy-resisting.
  2. Good wood quality: White oak is very difficult to process, especially white oak furniture, but its wood quality is very good, its precious degree can be comparable to that of red wood.
  1. It has many uses and all good quality: white oak can not only make floors, furniture and so on, but also make wine barrels etc.
  1. Oak can be combined with metal, glass and others in good harmony, so it can highlight its fashionable feature.

Therefore, white oak flooring is very perfect choice for our home decoration and home100 oak material is all from Europe and good quality.

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  • Wow. Oak flooring has some many advantages, this is good article worth reading.

    Dana M. on

  • yes, white oak for flooring is good.

    paulina L. on

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