Why We Recommend Cast Iron Tub for Your Home

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Taking a bath is the ultimate in relaxation, then choosing a right tub is very important, there are acrylic tub, cast iron tub, porcelain tub, marble tub and wood tub etc, today we would like to recommend cast iron tub as it has following advantages: 

  1. Heat preservation is the key factor when we choose a bathtub. As cast iron tub itself is thick, so its heat preservation feature is better.
  1. Cast iron is a very durable material, strong and wear-resistant, so the cast iron tub could be used for more than 50 years without any problem. If there is no malicious damage during use, it will last longer.
  1. The surface of cast iron bathtub will be glazed at high temperature, so its surface is smooth, also it is with good anti-fouling performance, and easy to clean.Once you have installed your favorite model, all you need is a soft cloth and gentle cleaner to keep your bathtub looking fresh.
  1. As cast iron bathtub is heavy, so the noise during water injection process is relatively small.

Home 100 has many designs of cast iron tubs good quality with in stock for choice, and once you finalize the design, we could arrange the shipment at the first time. 

Call us now 601-255-2556 or send your requests to support@home100us.com, we would reply at the first time.


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  • Yeah, iron tub maybe better but it is heavy, I prefer light tub, it is easy to remove when there is a need to remodel.

    Helen on

  • I am also in difficulty choosing which tub for our bathroom, but now I think I would consider cast iron type.

    michelle on

  • This article helps me a lot, now I know what I would choose for my bathroom. Thanks.

    Marta rubio on

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