The Maintenance of a Quartz Counter Top

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The wearing resistance of Quartz stone is better than other natural stones, and there are more colors for choice, so it becomes the first choice material for a counter top. Therefore, the maintenance of the quartz counter top is important:

1. Although quartz counter top can withstand high temperature, but we suggest putting the heat insulation pad under the hot pot in a quartz counter top.

2. Avoid the hit of heavy objects and the heavy chopping on the top, especially in the fragile parts of the stove, water basin and so on.

3. Oil stains, soy sauce and other stains should be cleaned up in time so as not to penetrate into the top for a long time.

4. Keep the quartz table clean and refreshing at all times.

5. Quartz top can be regularly maintained, such as using special maintenance paste, which will make the top more beautiful and lasting.

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  • It is right, the maintenance is important.

    Patrick W. on

  • Wonderful share, thank you. I am starting to renew our counter top next month.

    Amaya Evan on

  • This article is helpful.

    Francis on

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