Maintenance of a Cabinet Counter

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1, We should avoid hot pot, hot water pot from touching directly on the surface, better to place on the pot rack.

2, In order to avoid scratches, we should try our best to avoid touching the counter and door panels of cabinets with sharp objects. Whatever kind of cabinet counter we choose, we should cut vegetables and food on the board. In this way, we could avoid leaving knife marks, and also we could enjoy better cleaning and hygiene.

3, There are bubbles and crevices on the counter top made with common materials. If the colored liquid penetrates into the counter top, it will cause pollution or discoloration. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid putting fuel or dye directly on the counter top of the cabinet.

4, The erosion of chemical substances is not allowed for many materials. For example, stainless steel countertops are likely to rust if they are contaminated with salt, so it should be avoided to put soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the countertop of the cabinet.

5, Artificial board kitchen cabinet should avoid stagnant water leaving on the cabinet counter for a long time.

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