Acrylic Bathtub Maintenance Skills 

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How can the bathtub set your beauty off to advantage if it is not bright?

Do you know? Summer bathing sounds like a crazy thing, but in fact, it can play an excellent cooling effect. When a person is immersed in hot water, the pore opens quickly, and the heat in the body can be released. Through repeated immersion, the stifling heat in the whole body can be eliminated.

But before that, should we do a good job of maintaining and cleaning the bathtub? Today let us share how to do for the most common acrylic bathtub.

How to maintain

When bathing, cold water should be put in first, and then hot water. It is strictly forbidden to put hot water directly into the bathtub and to wipe the surface of bathtub with hard or abrasive articles. The bathtub can't store water for a long time. After use, drainage, cleaning and disconnection of power supply should be done timely to ensure the safety of power consumption.

How to clean

When cleaning, use neutral detergent and soft cloth to scrub the bathtub. If you want to further disinfect, remember not to use formic acid and formaldehyde detergents, otherwise it will cause damage to the surface of the bathtub. The bathtub surface may leave yellow stains because of water quality or long-term use, at this time, it can be washed with soft cloth and soapy water, and the stain can be removed quickly.

White vinegar is perfect for bathtub scale. Wet the soft cloth with white vinegar and wipe the scaled area directly is ok. Donot forget the clean of bathtub fittings When scrubbing, remember to use flannel or sponge, do not use rough cloth.


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