Wood Floor Maintenance and Management Tips, Too Practical!

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Nowadays, wood floor decoration has become a fashion. Many people  choose solid wood floor for decoration. Let us share together some tips on wood floor maintenance and management.

1. Desalination with refined salt-save time and effort

When we are eating, if we stick a little egg mark or oil stain on the wooden floor accidentally, then if we wipe it directly with a rag, it would be difficult to wipe, also it will have a certain impact on the use of the wooden floor after some time. For this reason, we can sprinkle some refined salt on the stain, 10-15 minutes later, gently sweep it away, then the stain can be completely cleaned up. It saves money and effort without damaging the floor.

2. Drinks also play an important role-easy maintenance and decontamination

The yogurt we often drink can also maintain the wooden floor, do you know? Using yogurt and a little vinegar is the secret of floor maintenance. Such a combination can not only decontaminate, but also polish the wooden floor very brightly.

3. Salad oil decontamination-cleanliness and brightness

 Salad oil is also a good choice when we clean wood floors, and it's easy to operate. We just need to add a few drops of salad oil to the clean water and mop the floor, then the floor could be cleaner, and it could also brighten and protect the wooden floor.

4. Floor Maintenance Tips

Because the wooden floor is particularly sensitive of dampness, so every time when we mop the floor, first we should use a soft broom to sweep the indoor dust, and then use a screwed-dry cloth or squeezed-dry mop to mop. It's best to wipe the wooden floor when the cloth or mop is half-drying.

The simplest way to clean the wooden floor is to wear slippers with soft wool soles. In this way, the floor can be cleaned in the process of walking, and the wooden floor can not be damaged.

So let us start with these details for better maintenance of wooden flooring.


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